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We at 2Soul Language School want to change the way people learn languages and to be a reference in what true and innovative language learning is about, no matter what the student’s life journey is.

For such, we are looking for teachers that, no matter where one comes from and beyond qualifications, knowledge and deserved reputation, can truly relate to these aspects in the language learning process:

  • Whether teaching online or in-person, pursues real and significant connections.

  • Always looks for a deep understanding of students’ needs.

  • Strives to create true and selfless connection with the students.

  • You feel a sense of deep gratitude to follow the student's entire learning and personal growth journey.

  • You are aware the greatest power of English language today, that is, that one that unites people and cultures more than any other language in the world!

Beyond method, we are open to do whatever it takes in student's favour to challenge them grow as a language learner and develop as a person, because that is the ultimate goal: student's self-awareness and transformation by helping them achieve their dreams through language and culture learning!

Expect a competitive rate, because we will always strive for high quality in language learning, and in return we expect you to understand and share our vision.

Do you truly believe to be a fit for 2Soul? Please paste your resume in a text-only format into the form right below or send an email to adriano.silva@2soul.school with your attached resume in Word or PDF format:

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